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Wood Shutters - Your Natural, Sleek and Stunning Window Covering Choice!

Bring the beauty of nature into your home with an elegant, natural, wood shutter. Breathe in the fresh outdoors with a 100% North American Premium Hardwood Shutter Window Covering.

Benefits of American Grown Real Wood

Choose Shenley Schenk Interior Design to supply you with an exquisite, quality, and sustainable window covering product. All wood shutters are hardwood and dried in a three-step process to ensure quality standards that guarantee the straightest wood possible. Sourced from American sawmills practicing sustainable forest management, wood is lightweight, rigid and displays stunning distinct grain.

Diverse Finishes

A large selection of vibrant standard and custom stains are applied by skilled craftsmen. Choose a light natural stain that highlights unique knots and veining, or a rich dark stain that gives contrast. Various environmentally-friendly water based paint options are also available! Matching your existing trim or have a specific product in mind? No problem, take advantage of custom stain and painting!

Call Shenley Schenk at 814.397.3461 to schedule your in home design consultation!

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