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Find Your Version of Home and Homestead!

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Many of us have found ourselves "stuck" inside our homes over the past weeks and may be "stuck" inside them for weeks to come. This past weekend was to be the Erie Home and Garden Expo where I was asked to present a room showcasing my design skills based around an Erie County Landmark. The theme I chose, Home and Homestead, was to bring thought to how your home is more than the spaces inside it and also to bring awareness to local agriculture.

Home and Homestead evokes the vision of creating an environment that brings harmony between the outside and inside environment of the home. The idea that your home is not just the inside of a house, but also the environment that surrounds it, and what you bring in to it.

Many of us choose our homes based on location to a job, family, or amenities of things we enjoy doing. For each of us, this looks completely different. Some may enjoy the hustle of a city or some may enjoy the stillness of the country. Some may enjoy pictures, accessories or items that remind of us our kids, pets, family, culture or even a favorite vacation spot. Filling our homes with things that remind us of what brings joy to our lives gives us an identity and reminder of who we are, especially in trying times, such as now.

With a home in the country and a working beef and pork farm steps from my door, this is my version of Home and Homestead! This is what HOME looks like to me and what I wanted to share with you all at the Home and Garden Expo!

Thank you to my Showcase Sponsors for the Home and Garden Expo - Deer Run Acres - Shenley Schenk Interior Design and Emser Tile!

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