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Client Kitchen Design and Remodel Must Haves!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

The creativity in kitchen design is that every client has their own vision of what they desire in their dream kitchen, along with what style suits their personality and home. However, a few consistent must haves are typically incorporated into every kitchen!

Cabinet Inserts for Maximum Storage!

Who has more stuff in their kitchen than you actually use?! Most do, therefore cabinet organization inserts become a regular part of kitchen design. Incorporating cabinets to ease everyday functions, trash can pullouts, rollout trays, and slated tray cabinets are client must haves. Next on the list is utensil storage, spice storage, and wine storage. Cabinet inserts are endless and make kitchen organization and function easy!

erie pa kitchen remodel

Appliances that Flow!

Everyone needs their basic oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. However, some of these appliances can be large, clunky, impede on space and flow, or even disrupt function. I recommend for most every client to utilize a countertop depth refrigerator, thus eliminating the distance the refrigerator sticks out and allowing better flow and function. Many clients opt for a stunning decorative range hood and tucking a microwave drawer into a base cabinet. Dishwasher drawer cabinets have also become popular. Working with a professional designer to perfectly place and select your appliances can allow so much more flow and function in your kitchen!

erie pa kitchen design

Backsplashes are a Must!

From fancy focal points to simple function, backsplashes have become a kitchen remodel must have! Creating a focal point with a colored, patterned, or textured tile adds depth and interest to your kitchen. Glass or large-scale tiles are great options for easy to clean surfaces behind stoves or sinks. Selecting the perfect backsplash can add some much interest, style, and function!

coordinating accent tiles and flooring.

With so many options and considerations in a kitchen remodel, Shenley Schenk Interior Design can make the process easy and the final product stunning!

shenley schenk interior design. erie pa

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