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Kitchens: The Center of Holidays

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

The sweet smells of baking food, chatters of children or conversations with smiling family and friends fill many kitchens during the holiday season. Behind every delicious meal, relaxing atmosphere and perfectly placed table setting is a Host who knows exactly how well their kitchen functions or doesn’t function at all!

As holidays are often of high importance and centered in the kitchen, it is not a surprise that many families seek to re-design their kitchen to suit their holiday entertaining needs. So let’s talk about some common holiday kitchen malfunctions and how we can make your space exactly what you need!

sleek two tone farmhouse kitchen.

Where is my…I can’t find the…!!

Lack of storage within the kitchen space leaves us storing items deep in the pits of the basement or storage closet. How can we get your kitchen supplies back in your kitchen? You can increase the height of your wall cabinets by taking them to the ceiling or down to the countertop allowing for extra shelving to store items. One of my favorite storage solutions is placing a shallow depth pantry unit along unused walls! Another storage solution is to get organized by incorporating cabinet inserts or multi-functioning cabinets such as trash can pull outs, tray pullouts, cutlery dividers, pots and pan drawers or spice racks, just to touch on a few.

How many people are coming?

Creating a space that accommodates all your guests and allows for conversation to blossom can be challenging! Incorporating an island with seating or bench seating with storage are two great ways to add consistent seating in your kitchen. Also opting for a long narrow table and chairs will allow for table seating as well as opening up space for a larger island or more spacious seating.

blue island with stunning shiplap range hood

The beans are done but not the ham!

Timing all your food to be ready at the same time is key to your dinner celebration, but also impossible without the right appliances! Consider incorporating a double oven, 5 burner range, warming drawer, dishwasher drawer or convection microwave in your space.

Make it happen in your space!

Sounds great, but how do you incorporate these ideas into your space? As an Interior Designer, specializing in Kitchen Remodels, I can tell you it all starts with creating a customized and professionally designed layout encompassing your needs, desires and the flow of your space!

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