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Is Your Master Bathroom a Retreat?

Updated: Aug 11, 2023

Imagine your bathroom inspiring your early morning rise and calming your late night slumber! As bathrooms tend to be the first stop after you wake and the last stop before you go to bed, creating a space that invokes and includes elements that inspire your desired mood is important in creating the perfect space for you!

Erie Pa Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom Design

Set Your Mood

What feelings or moods do you desire to have when you start and finish your day? Often times clients communicate the desire for peace, calmness or relaxation. Creating these atmospheres is not a one size fits all style, however most clients fall into the categories of light and bright or dark and dramatic. Discovering what colors and textures give you the feelings you desire, is all part of the process!

Light and bright is currently the most common style desired to create a peaceful, calm and relaxing bathroom retreat. This style often mimics the design of current spa and salon establishments. Utilizing various white materials, natural wood elements, smooth sleek surfaces, layered bright lighting, and muted accent colors will create the sought after light and bright spa-like atmosphere. Typical textures used in this style are polished quartz vanity tops, white painted shaker cabinets, marble satin tile, natural wood accent shelves, and natural quartzite accent tile.

Dark and dramatic, although not as sought after, is none the less appealing and still invokes a peaceful, calm and relaxing atmosphere. This style often directly relates to nature and natural elements. Layered dark materials, natural deep texture, saturated accent colors, and dimmable layered lighting will create a natural oasis. Common material includes dark textured wood cabinetry, natural slate or stone tile, granite vanity tops, metal accents, and earthy color pallets.

Spice It Up With Personal Touches

What are some elements you love or luxuries you enjoy that can be brought into your bathroom retreat? Some elements and luxuries can be simple and interchangeable and some can be permanent fixtures or functions.

Simple elements that can create a sense of peace, calm and relaxation are plants, essential oils, artwork, fluffy towels, or aromatherapy.

Luxuries that are permanent fixtures or functions are endless! Contemplate a free standing air tub, heated tile flooring, blue tooth and light rain shower head, steam shower, body jet shower, heated towel rack, stone accent wall, built in magnifying mirror, or specialized storage cabinetry.

Bathroom Remodeling, Bathroom Design, Erie County PA

Ready to Go For It

Customizing your bathroom to provide exactly the atmosphere you need each morning and evening can be an experience in itself. Don’t miss any valuable options or overlook any perfect finishes with the professional Interior Design assistance Shenley Schenk Interior Design has to offer, along with all the discussed materials and products in the showroom! Start your master bathroom retreat planning with a professional designer!

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