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Freshen Your Space with White Composite Shutters!

Add composite shutters to any space to create a grand, fresh, bright and updated look! The stunning aesthetic a composite shutter has on a space is only the start of an endless list of benefits.

Quality, Durability, Cost!

Composite shutters allow you to experience the appeal of real wood in spaces that require durable, moisture resistant, easy to clean, energy efficient and cost effective solutions. The composite material is engineered to withstand high humidity, be easily cleaned, and have energy saving technologies. Compared to wood shutters, composite shutters are more cost effective.

Style and Options!

With composite shutters your options are endless. Although white is the most common, numerous colors are available. Depending on your window casement and depth, composite shutters can be mounted inside the frame or over your existing trim. My personal favorite is mounting over the existing trim, selecting from over a dozen trim and frame options in varying sizes and styles. Correctly selecting your louver size is important as well. Louver sizes range from 2 1/2 inches to 4 1/2" and directly effect your outside visibility. Almost all shutters can be constructed with a split rail independently opening or closing the top or bottom and allowing privacy and light! Use shutters to bring in sunlight and your outside views in!

Perfect Fit!

Windows come in all shapes and sizes and with different functions. Fortunately so do composite shutters! As shutters are custom made, they tailor to square, circular or unique angled windows. They can also be placed on bypass or french doors. Set your appointment, so we can discuss the perfect composite shutter for your space!


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