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What Emotions, Thoughts or Perceptions Does Your Design Style Create?

The relationship between the mind and Interior Design drives my desire to create spaces with intentions for people to truly enjoy and connect with. Design your home with a greater purpose to evoke feelings, thoughts and perceptions! Consider these neutral, warm, or cool colors to establish the appeal you desire in your home!

Neutral Colors

White - A neutral color and has the ability to evoke emotion on opposite ends of the welcome spectrum. White, associated with cleanliness, purity and goodness has the ability to be fresh and inviting. However, too much white, left without out color can cross the line into sterile, hard, and completely uninviting.

Brown - A neutral color that scales a wide spectrum of light to dark. Brown tones associate the mind with natural, organic and stable thoughts and feelings, giving one a calming or relaxed feeling. Make sure to add in some pops of color, as brown is so calming, it can actually make one sleepy!

Black - A neutral color that can evoke dominance and elegance! When used in moderation and contrast to lighter colors it can give a presence of power. Add in finer black accents to give an elegant and relaxing appeal.

Warm Colors

Red - A warm color that evokes some of the strongest human emotions! Representing the passion encompassed in anger or love. As red can increase blood pressure as it prompts passionate emotions, it should be used as an accent and with intent.

Yellow - Is yellow warm or cool? Some don't see eye to eye on this, however I am going to call it warm because of its ability evoke anxiety and also high energy. Yellow can be used in a space as an accent or main color. Just make sure you mix it with colors that wont produce too much anxiety for your guests!

Orange - A warm color that screams look at me! Catch the attention of your guests and get them excited by implementing orange in your space. Orange is often used as an accent or main color in common spaces like living rooms or game rooms.

Cool Colors

Blue -A cool color that can evoke a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Add a pallet of blues to your space to create a sense calm reflection and conversation!

Purple - A cool color that makes people think your wealthy! Purple, an underused accent color has the ability to give the feeling of riches. It also evokes thought and reflection. Try using purple as an accent in your bedroom, laundry room or anywhere you tend to have quiet.

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