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Spring Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Home Looking Sharp!

The sun is shining, and you just want to be outside soaking up the rays and planting your garden! But, don’t let go of all your hard work inside by forgetting these simple tasks to keep your home looking like a magazine cover all summer long!

Light Fixtures and Lamps

Over time, dust and bugs can accumulate in and on light fixtures, blocking light and dulling your space. Clean them out and get back some light energy.

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Bookshelves tend to become landing spots for not only books, but nick nacks, kids toys and anything else that doesn’t have a spot. Be sure to clear off bookshelves of all random items and dust the items that remain!

Upholstered Furniture

Throughout the long winters, furniture takes the abuse of long days of sitting, sleeping, eating and watching tv. Dust, skin, and food particles accumulate leaving your furniture dull. Grab the vacuum, give it a sweep and fluff the pillows.


Nothing can ruin a new backsplash or tile floor more than some dirty looking grout! Over time most grout will slightly change color, especially if it is light. Keep your tile grout looking bright by putting it on your cleaning list every season.

Kitchen Cabinet Drawers

How can kitchen cabinet drawers become dirty when you consistently put clean items in them? Over time dust, food particles or grime can take up residence in your kitchen cabinets. Go look! I bet you will find something undesirable! Don’t let your guests see it.

Vents and Ducts

Vents and ducts are either forgotten or avoided during regular weekly cleaning because they are hidden or difficult to clean. Taking time at least every six months to clean your vents will provide cleaner and more efficient air circulation.

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