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What To Expect When You Start a Kitchen Remodel!

Think About What You Want

Dream a little! Look through pinterest, blogs, houzz or magazines and start to compile ideas of layouts, finishes, styles and schemes that you like! Look at different cabinet storage and organization options and note what you think would make your cooking better! Just remember, dreaming is great, but you may need to make some cuts!

Decide What You Need

As we all know, what you want can be very different from what you need. Rank your priorities and see where your wants mesh with your needs. Ask yourself who will be cooking, gathering or moving through the space. Your interior design professional can also suggest creative ways to combine your wants with your needs!

Pull out cutting board over silverware organizer

Research and Plan

Start your budget and project scope research with an open mind and remember, it’s a learning process. Most only remodel a kitchen space once or twice in a life time. So, it is not expected that you have a full understanding of the cost and scope of your project. Budget and project scope go hand in hand and both often change throughout the design process.

Find Professionals

The two most common professionals you will work with throughout your project process is an Interior Designer and a General Contractor. Your Interior Designer will walk you through the design, product selection, material quote and most often manage your project through installation. Your General Contractor will quote your installation and manage the flow of your installation. A word of advice, start with an Interior Designer. Why? That’s for another blog!

kitchen floor plan ideas

Settle on A Design

It is common to have numerous sketches, floor plans, and options for your kitchen layout. It is important that you decide on the design that is best suited for your space before you start quoting material and installation costs, in order to get the most accurate project cost possible.

Pick Fixtures and Finishes

You decided on a layout and now the fun begins! Bring all your pictures and idea books to your design professional and they will help you select the perfect finishes for your space. Combing textures, function and colors, you and your design professional will mesh all of your favorite ideas!

kitchen color examples

Understand Installation Costs

It is important to find reputable General Contractor to quote your project. Don’t make the mistake of going with the least expensive quote! You always get what you pay for, especially when in comes to your installation experience. Seek referrals from friends and your design professional.

Determine Material Costs

You have spent hours selecting the perfect colors and finishes for your space with your design professional. Now it is time to find out how much it will cost you! Just remember it is possible to get the same look at different price points. Your design professional can help you select the right quality for your home value and needs.

Get Ready for Demo

Demo day is coming, and everything needs cleared out. Take this time to toss unused or worn out kitchen items. Clear off items on all adjacent walls and cover furnishings. Its about to get dusty!

kitchen with bar stools

Live Through the Remodel On average, a full kitchen remodel can take 6-10 weeks to complete from demo day to finish. Make sure you have a plan for meals, temporary food storage and pets. Stock up on throw away dishes and utensils or get ready to wash dishes in the bathroom. Kitchen remodels are inconvenient, but very much worth it!

Enjoy Your Space

Contractors are gone, pantry is organized, dishes and utensils are neatly put away, now its time to cook your favorite meal, invite your family and friends over to show off and enjoy your space.

Contact Shenley Schenk at 814.397.3461 or to start your kitchen remodel today! Serving Erie and Crawford County, as well as surrounding areas.

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