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Tips to Increase Home Value!

Clients often think of resale value regardless of it they plan to sell within a year or the next twenty years. Whether you're looking to sell now or in the far future, these design tips can help you design with the future in mind.

Get Clean and Open Up Your Space with A Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of neutral and light paint will open your space as well as remove old smudges and dirt. Neutral colors tend to be a safe choice in resale, as it appeals to a larger audience. Lighter colors will open your space and give the appearance of taller ceilings and larger rooms. Freshly painted walls will give your home a clean and updated look, without breaking the bank!

Focus on the Master Bedroom

If your master bedroom isn’t the largest, focus on organization and multi functioning storage. Consider centralizing your storage space by incorporating a built-in walk in closet with drawers, shelves, and hanging storage. Doing so will simplify your space by eliminating the need for excessive over-sized dressers and stands. With centralized, functional and hidden storage, your Master Bedroom will appear spacious and excite potential buyers with a Grande walk-in closet!

Be as Energy Efficient as Possible

Owning a home as well as buying a home comes with costs far beyond the actual sale price. Consider updating and switching as many everyday energy sources to energy efficient products as possible. This will help you and your potential buyer save money in the long run. Simple and less costly energy efficient updates can include, LED lighting, energy efficient appliances, or low flow faucets and toilets.

Don’t Avoid The Kitchen

Complete kitchen updates can be very costly and often will not give you a dollar for dollar or more return on your investment. However, kitchens are one of the most important spaces in a home and when it comes to resale. Consider even the smallest of updates such as lighting, hardware, flooring or countertops.

Make Your Space Appear Larger Than It Is

Square footage of your home can not be easily changed and greatly influences sale price and potential interest in your home. No matter the square footage of your home, you can always make your space appear larger by selecting furniture that fits the scale of your room and space planning with function and flow in mind.

Bathrooms Are a Big Deal

Bathrooms are another costly but important space that need some time and money. If a complete gut and remodel is not in the budget, consider updating vanities, toilet, lighting and painting! Small, thoughtful updates are better than no updates at all!

Add That Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home can add great style and value to your house. Select plants and shrubs that fit your level of care. If you don’t have time to prune, clip and water your landscaping, keep to indigenous shrubs and bushes that do not require regular maintenance.

Whether you are looking to sell now or in the far future, let me help you make smart decisions on your home remodels! Check out the contacts page at to schedule your free design consultation.

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