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Classic Bathroom With Trending Accents!

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

White with classic marble, mixed with antique and chic accents can be found on every HGTV show or in every design magazine! But, why? Mixing the old with the new allows a mix of ancient design with the interest of innovative new design. It also creates a fresh, rich and unique design!

The reason for monochromatic white materials is simple. It creates a bright fresh aesthetic. But, why the need for classic marble and mason jars mixed with trending brushed nickle fixtures and sharp lines?

Marble is a natural stone material that has been used in design for thousands of years. It displays extravagant white and gray mineral tones, with veining that creates texture and interest. Thus, it ideally fits with current bright and fresh design trends. It also boasts a rich and elegant appeal.

Claw foot tubs were displayed in many homes in the 19th century and considered a luxury. Today's trends take the idea of a claw foot tub and update it with simplistic rectangular or oval freestanding tubs. Mixing freestanding tubs with a floor mount faucet allows for a rich and unique look.

Framing antique mirrors with brushed nickel is another opportunity to create interest by incorporating history into trending design. Consider using old house hold items, such as mason jars to incorporate into your updated look!

Trending design has an appreciation for past design styles. Just because a style or product has years of use, doesn't mean it is no longer functional or stunning! What old pieces of design do you have in your home?

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