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Gold Is Back and So is Blue! What!?

It's true, gold and blue are back in style! However, if your sitting in your home thinking that your old gold fixtures and light blue carpet are now in style, you're going to want to keep on reading! You may be able to keep some of your fixtures and finishes, but what makes gold and blue stunning is the updated design of the gold fixtures and the color tone of the blue.

Not just any blue color tone will make you a trend setter! Dark navy blue is what will make a statement and catch an eye. Use navy blue as an accent by implementing a navy blue furniture piece, vanity, accent tile or wall decor to create a stunning and rich aesthetic. Consider modern patterns such as hexagons, rectangles, or shapes with sharp lines.

When implementing gold, consider using brushed gold. Brushed gold tones down the shine and gives a more updated appeal. Select gold finishes that flow with current trends including, eight inch center faucets, sharp lines mixed with circular lines, or multi-functioning shower heads.

Take your space to the next level by mixing navy blue and gold with other classic finishes such as marble or marble looking tiles. Natural woods also accent well with navy blue and gold. Do you desire a rich, classic eye catching space? Be a trend setter with navy blue and gold!

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