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Solutions For Peninsula Cabinets, Bulkheads and Lack of Storage, On a Budget.

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

Have you found yourself in a kitchen full of bulkheads and peninsula cabinets blocking an open concept? Do you fear that removing them will limit your storage? Functional design and multi-use cabinetry is just what you need. It is common to find a u-shaped kitchen layout with giant bulkheads and cabinets that hang over the peninsula, thus shrinking your space and blocking your desired open concept. Removing bulkheads and taking your cabinets to the ceiling absolutely allows your space to appear larger and provides more storage, however, it is often not in the budget. So, how can you make your space appear larger, provide an open concept and more storage if you can't remove bulkheads and need to work within your existing footprint?

To create an open concept, start with removing the cabinets that hang over your peninsula blocking the view into the dining room or living room. Don't stress about the loss of storage, suggestions on how to incorporate that storage space back into your design are coming! Now what to do with the giant bulk head awkwardly hanging over your peninsula? Give it a purpose and function with inserting recessed can lights or hanging pendant lights, thus creating an island effect and minimizing the appearance of the bulkhead. There you have it, an open concept. This solution gave this client the ability to stand in the kitchen and have a direct sight line through the dining room and living room.

Now, how to make your space appear larger? By stacking and layering light, neutral, monochromatic colors, your space will expand and open. Cabinetry takes up the majority of the real estate in a kitchen, so be sure to us a light color such as white. Applying a light color, like gray, to your walls and bulkhead creates a seamless flow and reduces the appearance of the bulkhead. To compliment the light walls and cabinets consider using a floor and counter top with varying color tones to create dimension and pull together your monochromatic color scheme.

Removing the cabinets that hung above the peninsula reduced your amount of storage, however multi-functioning cabinetry and reduced depth pantry units will organize and provide ample storage for your space. Maximize function by adding base cabinet components such as trash can pull outs, roll out trays, pots and pan drawers, spice shelving, or super susan corner cabinets! Also, line an unused wall with reduced depth pantry cabinets, ranging in size from 12" to 24" in depth.

Functional design, multi-use cabinetry, and light color schemes allowed this client to obtain the open concept, expanded appearance, and additional storage that was desired!

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