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UGH! Common Regrets When Remodeling a Kitchen!

Making Too Many Compromises for the Sake of a Dollar

Finding the balance between your budget and wish list can be like walking a tight rope between skyscrapers! Compromises when remodeling a kitchen are inevitable. It is common to have a wish list that far surpasses your budget. However, it is important to understand what you are compromising, so you don’t have disappointments! Sometimes the thing you need to compromise on is the only thing you think you don’t need to, your budget!

The most common compromises in order to save money are, quality, material selections, design layout, and project scope. Before making compromises, prioritize what is most important to you and understand what you can do without. Work through your priorities and lean on the knowledge of your design professional to steer you in the appropriate direction. Break it down and sort out all the compromises you are willing to make regarding quality, material selections, design layout and project scope. Then compare your compromises to your budget. Still over budget? Instead of making more compromises, consider increasing your budget, waiting to move forward with your project, or seeking financing options.

It is common to remodel your kitchen only once or twice in your lifetime. Make sure you make comprises that will leave you with a quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing space, for years to come!

Replacing the Countertop and Not the Cabinets

Sometimes the idea or cost of taking on a huge kitchen remodel sounds less appealing than a simple face lift! So, you walk into a kitchen design store excited to select a stunning quartz or granite countertop! Then four to six weeks later your beautiful countertop is installed! As you sit in your dining room or eat in kitchen, you start to notice the old cabinet hinges, cracked wood doors, drawer glides that are broken, or years of wear and tear on your cabinets. Disappointment about installing a new beautiful countertop on old kitchen cabinets, sink in.

Now what?! Painting your cabinets is an option, however when professionally done, can cost more than new cabinets. New cabinet doors can be installed to the existing box frame, however, since the door is solid wood, it makes up around 70% percent of a new cabinet cost and finding the right wood tone and sizes can be daunting. Yes, you can possibly have your new countertop removed, new cabinets installed and then your new countertop reinstalled. However, removal and re-installation of a countertop will never be guaranteed not to break or damage during the process.

Before considering a countertop face lift, inspect your cabinets for wear and tear that will bring regrets in the future.

Reusing Existing Appliances

"They may be old, but they work!" One may be white and the other black, but they work! Appliances can consume a big chunk of your remodeling budget, however, keep in mind the overall look and feel of your kitchen when all is said and done. You will spend extensive time and money selecting materials that match and create a cohesive stunning look. Don’t make the mistake of compromising on new appliances and being disappointed with reinstalling your worn mismatched ones! If your appliances aren’t up to your expectations, leave them on the list of things you will not compromise!

Let me help you work through your kitchen design and sort out your desires, needs and compromises!

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